System of a Down’s John Dolmayan on Black Lives Matter: “They’re a Democratic Fundraising Tool of a Communist Agenda”


System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan, who called Donald Trump “the greatest friend to minorities,” among other far-right viewpoints he shared on social media last summer, has been vocally critical of the Black Lives Matter movement since it came to the forefront of the American consciousness last spring. Dolmayan previously said that “The supposed black lives matter movement never had legitimacy… and were always a Democratic Party fundraiser and propaganda tool,” asserting that “There is no systemic racism in the United States.” He later added that “the Black Lives Matter movement could care less about black people.”

After a recent detour into claiming that the U.S. presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump, Dolmayan is now up to his old tricks again, saying the Black Lives Matter movement is “a Democratic fundraising tool of a communist organization.”

During a recent appearance on Cancelled with Rob Rosen and Desma Simon, Dolmayan attempted to rationalize his view on Black Lives Matter by saying he would support it if the message was “it almost should have been called Black Lives Matter Too”… which, of course, IS the movement’s message, which Dolmayan doesn’t seem to understand.

In the same breath, he suggested that he’s all for holding bad police accountable for their actions, saying “No matter what your crime, it has to go through the process,” but remains ignorant to the fact that police officers are plainly not subjected to the same process as everyone else and are rarely held accountable for their actions.

He explained:

“Well I ignore anybody that calls me a racist, which is what I should do. There should be there should be no apology, there should be no trying to prove anything to them. You prove I’m a racist. I don’t have to prove anything to you. That’s my philosophy on that.

“As far as Black Lives Matter is concerned, I don’t like the Black Lives Matter organization. Many of their founders are flat out communists. And I don’t think the Black Lives Matter movement—or organization, not the movement—because I think a lot of people think differently than what the actual movement is about. I don’t think they give two shits about black lives.

“I think they’re a democratic fundraising tool of a communist agenda. And if they really cared about black lives they would care about black on black violence in our inner cities. …No person should be killed by police officers, unless there’s reasonable threat to either a police officer or someone else’s life. You have to have all that stuff in courts. That’s why we have courts.

“So I am 100% a supporter of keeping our police in check, and also making sure that they are protecting the citizens that they are sworn to protect, and they are following due process of law. No matter what your crime, it has to go through the process. Otherwise the system doesn’t work. I’m all for that.

“But I am not for an organization that does almost nothing to help black people in inner cities, and especially people that are victims of black on black violence, they never talk about, and they never do anything about it. And you have a lot of support that went to the Black Lives Matter movement. And then I and then I saw a list of where the money went, like the contributions. And it all went to democrat election campaigns.

“Is it democratic organization? Or is it a movement to end racism or bring a better life to black people in inner cities or black people in general? It should really be—because when you initially think about it—it almost should have been called Black Lives Matter Too. Because if you’re saying that we’re we’re at we’re rallying against the fact that black lives don’t matter to people. Right? If that’s what you’re saying. Then you have to include every human being into that, but you also have to point out that maybe black lives don’t matter as much to you as they should. Right. So that’s something that you can get behind a little bit more, but to say Black Lives Matter, that’s like segregation to me.

“You’re segregating black people instead of saying, we’re all in this together. You’re saying no, black people are here, and you’re here and you’re a racist. That’s gonna turn off a lot of people.”

He also had some thoughts on so-called “cancel culture” and how it’s affected his own efforts to publish a comic book series, saying:

“I’ve been a victim of it. I assure you, there’s… Let’s just say that ‘Ascencia’ could easily be made into a TV show or movie and I had an agency working on that with me. And that agency how to take a step back.

“So, I’ve already been a victim of this, and it’s no different and no better than what happened in the 50s with McCarthyism. I don’t believe in communism. I don’t believe in socialism—I believe in social programs. But I also wouldn’t condemn somebody, I wouldn’t put somebody in jail for their beliefs. It could be wrong, and still teach something to somebody, right?

“Like the communist ideal doesn’t work. It’s been proven more times than I care to count that it cannot work, but you can still learn something from it. You know there are positives and we can take those positives incorporated into our capitalist system here. So that they can benefit everybody.

“I think that the, again, the pendulum will swing hard the other way too. It’s not gonna be like this forever heads will prevail. But you have to understand, the way people are treated today, is going to be forgotten. Right, like all these people on social media. That’s forever.

“And the mindset could get more conservative and then people could be looking at your social media, 15 years from now, when you’re applying for a job somewhere and cancel you back. It could happen. So you got to be careful. You know, you got to be careful what you wish for.

“Now, the agency I’m working with, they’re really good people, and they have a bigger… they have a big company to think about. I probably shouldn’t be talking about this, but I always do this to myself. At the end of the day, we may end up working together, and if we don’t we don’t. But I understand where they’re coming from. They have to protect their interests, right?

“But this is the problem, you got Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook—every mainstream news organization, all thinking and working in one direction. That’s very bad. Corporations should not be dictating ideology. That’s not what they’re for. but they’re probably a little too powerful at this point. You can’t even get a web server.

“Look what they did to Parler. I got on Parler, there’s no network. They don’t have a network, because they have a different ideology. To me, that’s fascist. Isn’t that the definition of fascism? To eradicate any thought outside of your own.

“It’s like these young people, they’re going through this indoctrination. They don’t even know history. Like history is being eradicated.”

You can listen to the entire episode here, and tune in again to MetalSucks next week for the latest edition of “What Completely Ignorant Bullshit Will John Dolmayan Spout Next?”

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