Andrew W.K. Announces New Single “Babalon”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Heavy metal’s very own perpetual cruise director, Andrew W.K., has announced that he’ll release a new single, “Babalon,” on Wednesday, February 17.

In addition to the main song, the single will arrive with an instrumental B-side, “The Party Gods.”

The tracks will mark Mr. W.K.’s Napalm Records debut, and the first time he has released new music since 2018’s You’re Not Alone.

Mario Dane, a credited producer on all of W.K.’s albums to date, the co-writer of W.K.’s Village Voice advice column, and the man credited with a various W.K. photos, and who a press release tells us “worked extensively on the new music,” says of the song:

“We’re all very happy about this brand new ‘Babalon’ song. It’s the result of a great labor, a great restraint, and a lot of great people dreaming. Andrew W.K. has always been focused on making dream feelings come true, and this feels like a high point in that ongoing effort. There’s a lot of great energy and enthusiasm, and it’s only just begun…”

Andrew W.K. himself didn’t add a comment, which seems weird, since he’s the guy everyone cares about. So this feels a bit like if the announcement of an impending new Ozzy single was announced in a press release featuring a statement from Blasko but not Ozzy. Actually, I think it’s weirder than that, because people know who Blasko is, and this Mario Dane dude is extremely mysterious and doesn’t seem to exist at all outside the world of Andrew W.K. Cue the conspiracy theories.

ANYWAY, “Babalon” will be released digitally, in music video form, and on 7”.  A very limited edition (393… no idea what the significance of that number is) of those 7-inches will come with a pair of 3D glasses autographed by Andrew himself. You can pre-order those here.

Andrew W.K.’s new album is tentatively scheduled for release later this year.

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