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Woman Claims Marilyn Manson Put a Gun to Her Head


Yet another woman has come out to publicly share a story of abuse at the hands of Marilyn Manson.

Encouraged by the other women who have come forward over the past 48 hours, visual filmmaker Love Bailey detailed a 2011 incident to The Daily Beast in which the shock rocker put a gun to the 20-year-old’s head shortly after she arrived at his home for a gig. Bailey originally told the story on social media in 2017, but felt inspired to share it again in light of recent events.

Yesterday morning (February 1), actress Evan Rachel Wood wrote a post on Instagram in which she said that Manson, her former fiancée, “horrifically abused me for years.” While she has implied in the past that Manson abused her, this was the first time she explicitly mentioned his name.

Later in the day, Wood shared the stories of three more women who all also say that Manson abused them. She also shared testimony of two of Manson’s former assistants, one of whom says she was abused by Manson, and the other who says he witnessed Manson’s abusive behavior towards others firsthand.

In a statement, Manson called the accusations “horrible distortions of reality.”

In the latest accusation, Love Bailey recounted visiting Manson’s home in 2011 as photoshoot stylist for an unnamed Hollywood actress. The Daily Beast summarizes the incident with direct quotes from Bailey for support:

“Arriving at his home, Bailey was told Warner and the actress were ‘finishing up’ in a separate room. When she was allowed to go inside to dress the actress, she claimed that the actress was in a disoriented state and stumbling around the room, leading Bailey to believe she had been drugged. ‘I had to crawl over stained sheets to get to her and as I did so he put a big Glock to my forehead,’ Love Bailey said.

“’I remember thinking, oh my god, am I going to die? I felt powerless, I felt stunned and I was shocked. I was in this state where I was asking myself, isn’t he too famous to kill me? I remember all these thoughts flashing through my head, and here I was, this young 20-year-old stylist just trying to get the job done and I was met with a Glock.’

“As Manson pulled the trigger, he let out a laugh and said, ‘I don’t like f—-ts,’ Love Bailey said. She believes it was a way for Warner to ‘scare me into submission, so I wouldn’t talk,’ explained Bailey, who is trans.

“Love Bailey said, in a blur, she quickly grabbed her things and left. ‘I was just afraid for my life at that point,’ she said. ‘I didn’t say anything after that because the fashion industry is so small. If you say something, then the photographer will blacklist you and you lose your career.’”

Bailey went on to say she plans to get in touch with California State Senator Susan Rubio, who today wrote a letter to acting United States Attorney General Monty Wilkinson and Christopher Wray, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, requesting that the FBI investigate the allegations that Marilyn Manson has abused multiple women. Bailey said she hopes Manson’s victims receive reparations, and added, “There’s a scar on my life from that instant. He took a part of my innocence. He needs to be set as an example that men in the industry cannot get away with this and people shouldn’t glorify people like this”

Shortly after Wood’s story broke yesterday, Manson’s label, Loma Vista, promptly dropped the singer and scrubbed their website of his likeness and merchandise. He has since been fired from acting roles on the TV shows American Gods and Creepshow, and his agency, CAA, is reportedly considering severing ties with him as well.

Manson’s ex, Rose McGowan, today released a video statement in which she praised Evan Rachel Wood for coming forward and leveling accusations of abuse against Marilyn Manson.

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