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Tetrarch Post New Single and Video, “You Never Listen”


Nu-metal revivalists Tetrarch have garnered quite a bit of attention over the past couple of years, their massive YouTube popularity proof of that.

Still, I’m not really getting it. The band are certainly serviceable at what they do — quite good, even — but who is the audience for this kind of music? Is it today’s 20-30 year olds who were just a bit too young to experience Korn during their heyday? That would make sense; nostalgia is a strong drug, especially when it’s for the time immediately prior to your creative consciousness (see also: my love of ’80s hair metal). Thing is, I was around for Korn the first time and I didn’t dig ’em then, nor do I now. All that’s a long-winded way of saying this isn’t for me, but maybe you’ll like it!

Check out the band’s new single, “You Never Listen,” below, then feel free to head to the comments section and tell me why Tetrarch rule and I’m an old, out-of-touch ding dong.

Tetrarch’s new album, Unstable, comes out on April 30 via Napalm Records; pre-order here.

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