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Drummer Ben Koller Teases “Huge” Converge Tour for 2022

  • Axl Rosenberg

We’re now at a point in the pandemic where even just thinking about possible future concert/tour bills is tantalizing enough to make one sexually aroused.

This being the case, I thought everyone would like to know drummer Ben Koller sent out this tweet over the weekend:

“Just booked a huge Converge tour for next year. 3 band bill, wrong guesses only.”

Needless to say, fans did start guessing. And apparently someone got close, ’cause yesterday, Koller added:

“1 of the other bands is somewhere in this thread.”

Now, the Internet being the Internet, a lot of the bands mentioned in the thread are joke suggestions with whom Converge will obviously never tour, even if some of us would love it if they did (hello, Dolly Parton).

And we know that some other suggestions aren’t right because Koller either outright says as much (Ghost, Carpenter Brut).

Still others are various levels of implausible for a myriad of other reasons. Would Koller play two sets in a night with two separate bands? Maybe. Are The Dillinger Escape Plan getting ready to reunite already? I doubt it, and if they are, that news certainly isn’t gonna be broken in a tweet by a member of another band.

But some of the groups fans suggested could, plausibly, be on a tour with Converge.

So I’ve collected the names of all of those plausible or semi-plausible bands below, and then y’all can try and guess which other group is part of the bill.

Have fun:

Car Bomb
The Armed
Genghis Tron
Primitive Man
Cannibal Corpse
Mr. Bungle
Mutoid Man
All Pigs Must Die
Body Count
Cave In
Minus the Bear
The Ocean
Every Time I Die
Old Man Gloom
Heaven in Her Arms
The Sword
Author & Punisher
Cult of Luna

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