Intronaut, Self-Proclaimed “35th Best Metal Band to Ever Exist,” Begin Work on New Album

  • Axl Rosenberg

It would appear that Intronaut, like so many bands, are making the best of the pandemic by working on new music.

It’s only been a year since the release of their most recent magnum opus, Fluid Existential Inversions… but according to a new update issued via social media, the group is now already at work on a follow-up.

And even though I just told you the most important part of the update, I would still suggest you read it. I dunno which member of the band wrote it but it’s funny AF, poking fun at the clichés metal bands often use when describing new albums, referring to themselves as “at least the 35th best metal band to ever exist,” and mourning the loss of getting to share a stage with Def Leppard.

(No joke, I would cut off my small toe to see Def Leppard and Intronaut on the same bill, especially if Intronaut got invited on stage to perform “Let’s Get Rocked” with Def Lep. Actually, now that I said that, I kinda just want Intronaut to make a Def Leppard covers EP. SOMEONE GET ME SACHA DUNABLE ON THE PHONE RIGHT NOW.)

You can read the entire statement below (I edited a little for clarity). Fluid Existential Inversions is out now on Metal Blade.

Hey everyone. It’s been a crazy 12 months huh? We hope you’re all doing well, all things considered. And that maybe some time, even this year, live music will be a thing again and we can come play the shows we have booked.

Fluid Existential Inversions (a title that ended up being more accurate than we ever wanted it to be) came out almost one year ago. We had to cancel a whole bunch of cool tours and festivals. We were supposed to play in Mexico with Def Fucking Leppard. We had two shows with Opeth on two different continents. We rescheduled a tour with Enslaved three times. We were even willing to play India again with some gnarly black metal bands.

Thankfully we got to do a very fun run with Cult of Luna and Emma Ruth Rundle which ended literally the day the world got canceled.

Two of us got coronavirus at least once. But we are gonna be fine in the long run.

And we decided that we were gonna go ahead and write another fucking album because after 18 years of being a band we still love making this music.

We are finishing up the demos now for what will be our 7th full length album as we speak, and I know this is a crazy thing to say so just stay with me here, but it’s going to be our BEST ALBUM YET. I approximate with full confidence that we are at least the 35th best metal band to ever exist, so that means statistically it’s got to be a pretty good album.

We just want to thank Metal Blade Records, our manager EJ [Johantgen], all the promoters who booked us and then had to cancel but will hopefully re-book us, everyone who played drums for us in the span of like 6 months last year (Alex Rudinger, Ash Pearson, Matt Lynch), and of course everyone who listened to our records, bought something, all the amazing bands who we’ve been lucky enough to tour with, and everyone who just helped spread the word about Intronaut since 2003. Sorry this is such a long post but I feel like we haven’t talked in a while. But let’s talk more in the near future as this new record comes together.

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