Cradle of Filth Make Comic Books and Toys Now


The always-theatrical Cradle of Filth are a band that seem custom made for comic books. So much so that my reaction to the announcement that they are just now launching a comic for the first time was “Wait, they haven’t done this already?” Like, it’s hard to believe they got around to licensing their brand for tea before they got around to licensing their brand for graphic novels. But here we are.

So, about that comic: it’s a five-issue series called Maledictus Athenaeum (which, as I understand it, basically means “Library of Curses” in Latin) that will be published by Incendium and Heavy Metal Entertainment under their new, music-focused OPUS imprint.

A press release describes the book thusly:

“In the ruined halls of the Maledictus Athenaeum lie occult histories, sealed records, and cursed artifacts – this unholy archive explores the far corners of Cradle of Filth’s musical legacy, a vast universe of Ageless Vampires, Mythical Creatures and Vengeful Gods. The Countess, The Huntress, Lilith, The Manticore, and many more, will be revisited in stories from an all-star roster of comics talent from the pages of Heavy Metal Magazine and beyond.”

Says Cradle of Filth mastermind Dani Filth of Maledictus Athenaeum:

“Cradle of Filth’s collaboration with Incendium for the forthcoming comic series and action figures provides an incredible opportunity for fans to indulge and explore the mythologies and murk at the heart of the band’s lyrical compositions. As an avid collector of horror figures for decades now – citing the enclosing walls and shelves of my home crammed with toys and memorabilia as an example – I was only too eager to embrace this emphatic union with a company that is as excited about bringing our brand of lascivious Gothic darkness to glorious undeath as we are.”

You can pre-order the first issue, which will ship in May, here for $16.66.
The first print edition of each issue will be limited to 2,500 copies and feature cardstock covers, specialty foil treatments, glossy pages, and individual numbering.

But wait! There’s more!

The band has further announced that they’re launching a new line of action figures as well — another real no-brainer for a group as colorful as CoF.

The first wave kicks off with a figure of Mr. Filth “and and the iconic Succubus of Cradle of Filth’s 2001 album Bitter Suites to Succubi.”

Says Dani:

“To begin with are figures of ‘yours ghoulie’ Dani Filth resplendent in my onstage battle outfit; accompanied to war by the cruel, domineering Succubus from the ‘Bitter Suites To Succubi’ album cover art, who is explored further in the first of many comic book adaptations to be unleashed in ‘Maledictus Athenaeum.’ Both figures come delivered with classic action figure aplomb, whilst the comic book art is both visceral and evocative and is totally stunning. Naturally we cannot wait for fans and collectors alike to get their claws on these unique, exquisite treasures and given the depth of Cradle of Filth’s extensive discography and with a wealth of dark occultisms to draw upon – having tackled the morbid and sordid tales of Elizabeth Bathory, Gilles de Rais, Lucifer and Lilith as full-blown concept albums already- our collaboration with Incendium promises to be a marriage forged in Hell that prospers for aeons…”

The toy will ship in June; pre-order it here for $29.95.

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