Protest the Hero’s Rody Walker Announces Solo EP


Protest the Hero released The Palimpsest in June of last year — a helluva time to put out new music — rewarding fans for waiting nearly seven years. Protest also released the Pacific Myth EP one track at a time across 2015 and 2016, but even four years is a relatively long time between releases in this day and age, and an EP never arrives with the fanfare of a full-length.

With their latest album already well in the bag before the pandemic hit, the band members have had most of the past year to do what every other musician has been doing: not touring and pining for the days of yore, even up in Canada. But at least one of them, vocalist Rody Walker, has made productive use of his downtime by writing new music, and he plans to unveil a solo EP later this month.

In a terse post to his personal Twitter account, Walker simply said, “I’m gonna release a solo EP on Feb 28TH. You might care, you might not.” He also shared an image of the EP’s cover artwork, revealing its title, Sharks Fly. We certainly care, Rody! And I really wonder this thing is gonna sound like; quite different from Protest, I’d assume (and hope).

We’ll likely get to hear a song from the EP very soon, maybe even this coming Friday as musicians are wont to do these days. Stand by. Til then, here’s the cover:

Protest the Hero’s Rody Walker Announces Solo EP

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