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Eyehategod Debut New Song “Circle of Nerves”


Eyehategod have released one last single from their forthcoming album, A History of Nomadic Behavior, before it drops next month.

It’s called “Circle of Nerves,” and as you likely inferred from the title, it’s a bundle of frayed nerves given audio form. Frontman Mike IX Williams calls it “the lowest form of abstract crossover trash to crawl out of the methadone clinic basement,” which is just, mwah!, a dead-on description.

To elaborate a bit: the song sounds so goddamn filthy that you may wanna keep some Q-tips nearby to clean out your ears after you listen to it. Like so much of the best Eyehategod music, it doesn’t move so much as it slowly wades, as though through a swamp. When frontman Williams screams “MOTH-ER-FUCK-ERRRRR!” near the end, it doesn’t offer catharsis so much as frustrated fatalism.

I’m saying it’s fucking rad.

Check out “Circle of Nerves” below. A History of Nomadic Behavior comes out March 12 on Century Media. Listen to the previous singles — “Built Beneath the Lies,” “Fake What’s Yours,” and “High Risk Trigger“– and then pre-order the album here here.

On March 11, Revolver and Full Metal Jackie will hold an online listening party for A History of Nomadic Behavior, featuring a live Q&A and track-by-track discussion. It can be watched via Revolver’s YouTube channel at 1 pm pacific/4 pm eastern.

Eyehategod Debut New Song “Circle of Nerves”
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