Krallice Make it Rain with Surprise New Album Demonic Wealth


I know that surprise releases aren’t great for business, but I gotta say… I love that Krallice now seem to EXCLUSIVELY release albums without giving anyone a heads up first. It definitely makes my life easier as a blogger — I don’t have to try and find new things to say about the record when they release the eleventh single before the friggin’ thing even comes out.

But it’s also invigorating just on a fan-level. When I woke up up this morning, I didn’t know we were getting any new music from one of the best black metal bands in the world today, let alone a full album.

But here we are! The group just dropped their full-length, Demonic Wealth. I’m literally listening to it for the first time as I sit here typing this, and my mind is already blown. So far it’s very different from Mass Cathexisone of my favorite albums of 2020! — in the best possible way. Which is to say, these dudes are wanting for creativity.

According to the band, Demonic Wealth album was “written in isolation, recorded in isolation, listened to in isolation, [and] released in isolation.” More specifically:

“Drums recorded at the Mouth 3 on a phone

“Vocals recorded in the car by the swamp

“Bass recorded.

“Guitars, keyboards, other bass, reamping, mixing, mastering at Menegroth the thousand caves.”

You can stream Demonic Wealth below, and/or purchase it here. CDs and tapes, t-shirts, longsleeves, and hoodies are available from from P2, who will also supply a Bandcamp download code with the purchase of a CD or tape. A vinyl edition from Gilead Media will be forthcoming.

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