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John Bush Still Wants to Perform Anthrax Songs on Eventual Solo Tour


Armored Saint frontman John Bush, who made four albums with Anthrax between 1993 and 2003, still has his sights set on eventually performing that material live again on the road.

Back in 2017, Bush said that he was entertaining the idea of some day bringing those songs out on the road, specifying that “this [isn’t] something I’ll probably want to do when I’m sixty,” the implication being none of us are getting any younger (he was 51 at the time). Then, last year, he said he was considering an entire solo tour revolving around that era of his career and was tentatively eyeing 2023 for it — presumably he’s already all booked up in between, or just likes the symmetry of the 1993/2003/2023 anniversary — which would put him either right under the line at 59 or right on it, depending on when in the year it happened (his birthday is in August).

Now, in a new interview with Pierre Gutierrez, Bush, who is likely tired of being asked the question, has reiterated the position that yes! he still wants to do it. But a busy schedule and his own “slight laziness” are to blame.

He explained:

“Well, it was an idea that never really came to fruition, for various reasons. Probably it had something to do with me and my own slight laziness, because I think I would have to be the guy that would have to, obviously, carry it, because it would be my thing, and maybe I was just not really ready to give it the time at that time.

“It’s something that I would like to do at one point, because I do love those records… And I have good relationships right now with the Anthrax camp — with the bandmembers and also Mike Monterulo, the manager.

“So, who knows? We’ll see. It’s certainly in my mind to do something, and I would like to play some of those songs live at some point, because there are some great tunes. I was able to do it with Metal Allegiance at a couple of shows — we played ‘Only’ and ‘Room For One More’ — and that was really fun, and the crowd really seemed to dig it. But it’s there in my mind to do something. I just don’t know what yet.

“I’m kind of busy with this other thing, Armored Saint, and other aspects of life. So it’s just trying to fit it in somehow, someway.”

As a big fan of the Bushthrax material who for some reason never saw the band perform when John was a member, I’d love to see him play that stuff live even with a non-Anthrax backing band. Sign me up when it happens! Whether he’s 60 yet or not.

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