Artificial Brain Bassist’s Apartment Burned Up, Needs Your Help


The cosmic death metal weirdos in Artificial Brain — or Arty B, as we affectionately refer to them as — have become some of our favorites over the years. If the band’s albums are a trip, their live shows are a full-on intergalactic adventure, and the dudes are swell fellas to boot.

Unfortunately we have some sad news to share, as the apartment inhabited by bassist Sam Smith and his partner Tania was destroyed by a fire earlier this week. What wasn’t burned outright was damaged by water, meaning that not only has the couple lost their place to live, but all of their belongings.

Artificial Brain Bassist’s Apartment Burned Up, Needs Your Help

Sam has launched a GoFundMe to help him and Tania get back on their feet. In a message accompanying the campaign, he said:

“Tania and I lost our apartment last night. There was a fire in a storage area behind our building, and by the time anyone noticed what was going on, it was raging. We made it out safely with our cat, Cooper, but we need to move immediately — as our home is uninhabitable now.

“One room was basically totally destroyed — a closet full of clothes, a bookshelf, a bed, art supplies, and lots of stuff with sentimental value. What wasn’t burned was water damaged. There’s also now a gaping hole in the wall there. The rest of the apartment was covered in smoke. 

“Since so many of you offered to help, we decided to set up this GoFundMe. We so appreciate all of you, and your care and concern.”

Donate here if you can. It’s the least we can do to help out a purveyor of some of the finest death metal in existence.

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