These are the Top 25 Most-Streamed Hard Rock and Metal Artists Right Now


Ever wondered how various artists from throughout the metal and hard rock communities stack up against one another when it comes to YouTube views, Apple Music streams, pure album sales, ticket sales (back when those were a thing… and when they become so again) and other metrics? Stream N’ Destroy is a newsletter that features all of those things and then some. Compiled by metal journalist and manager Ryan J. Downey, Stream N’ Destroy, which arrives a couple of times a week, has quickly become one of our most anticipated reads the moment it hits our inbox.

The most recent Stream N’ Destroy newsletter, which arrived last night (March 30), highlights the most streamed artists for the week March 19 through March 25, as measured by total audio streams across all major streaming platforms. Culled by Stream N’ Destroy from a multi-genre Rolling Stone list to feature only artists loosely considered to play heavy music, the list sources numbers from on-demand platforms like Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music but does not include passive listening data, such as on terrestrial radio or digital radio like Pandora.

As one might expect, the list is dominated by classic acts (Queen, AC/DC, Nirvana, Green Day, etc.) and those more palatable to the hard rock crowd (twenty one pilots, 5 Seconds of Summer, etc.) but some notable metal artists do make an appearance, including — naturally — Metallica and Slipknot. You can have a look at the top 25 below.

Most Streamed
Hard Rock/Metal Etc.
By Total Songs Streamed
Mar 19, 2021 – Mar 25, 2021

  1. Queen 26.6M songs streamed 
  2. AC/DC 21.5M 
  3. Linkin Park 19.9M 
  4. Panic! At The Disco 19.2M 
  5. twenty one pilots 18.5M 
  6. Metallica 18.2M 
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers 18M 
  8. Led Zeppelin 17.4M 
  9. Fall Out Boy 16.3M 
  10. Five Finger Death Punch 16.1M 
  11. Nirvana 15.4M 
  12. Green Day 15.2M 
  13. 5 Seconds Of Summer 12.6M 
  14. Blink-182 12.2M 
  15. Guns N’ Roses 12.2M 
  16. Three Days Grace 12.1M 
  17. Disturbed 12M 
  18. Shinedown 11.9M 
  19. Paramore 11.6M 
  20. My Chemical Romance 10.6M 
  21. Aerosmith 10.6M 
  22. Weezer 10.6M 
  23. Slipknot 10.3M 
  24. Van Halen 10.3M 
  25. Breaking Benjamin 10.3M 

The Stream N’ Destroy email newsletter includes a number of other charts showing data from YouTube, Billboard and other sources. To get access to the full list, and to have data insights like these pumped into your inbox on a regular basis, sign up for Stream N’ Destroy right here.

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