Feline-Fronted Metal Band Cattera Releases Track for Charity

  • Axl Rosenberg

Three things about which we know MetalSucks readers are passionate: metal, metal bands with animal singers, and cats.

This being the case, you will all be overjoyed to learn about the feline-fronted metal band Cattera. The group’s vocalist, Roope-Shakir, is a “reformed street cat” and the current roommate of Fearless Records product manager Anna Mrzyglocki (“The music business really is all about who you know,” the metal-obsessed cats of lawyers, doctors, and accountants collectively grumbled).

Cattera have just released their highly cat-tagious debut single, “Hunger of the Beast,” via Bandcamp. And not only is it cat-tastic, but it’s for a good cause: 100% of the track sales and any additional donations will directly benefit Whiskers-A-GoGo, the Brooklyn non profit volunteer-run cat rescue group that got Roope-Shakir off the streets and into his forever home.

You can check out the track below, along with an absolutely delightful behind-the-scenes studio clip offering a look at Cattera’s creative process. Buy the song here.

Says Mrzyglocki of Cattera:

“I knew Roope-Shakir had star power from the moment he entered my apartment. I heard his emotion-filled meows and knew he needed to be the front cat of a metal band. It sparked a passion for A&R I never knew I had. People may think Cattera is just another ‘industry plant,’ but there’s real talent here.”

Roope-Shakir adds:

“I’m stoked to release my first track with Cattera, as I’m a huge fan of OG animal kingdom metal bands like Hatebeak and Caninus. I hope I can be an inspiration to all street cats who have something to say.”

Hm. I wonder if Roope-Shakir is that humble behind-the-scenes, or is, in real life, much cattier.

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