Jason Becker Hospitalized


Jason Becker, the iconic guitarist who has been afflicted with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) since the early ’90s, has been hospitalized.

Earlier this week, Becker’s mother, Pat Becker, revealed that her son has recently been “in constant contact with his doctors” after “experiencing shortness of breath and a rapid heart rate.”

Now Ms. Becker has announced that when his symptoms did not abate, Jason, age 51, was admitted to the hospital:

“Hey everyone, Jason is aware of, and overwhelmed by the outpouring of prayers and love coming his way. He was feeling better for a while, but the annoying shortness of breath and rapid heart rate kept coming and going.

The doctor felt it was best to admit him to the hospital, which is what we are doing. Right now, Gary and Serrana are on the way. I will spend the night with him tonight. On his way, he said, ‘gonna get this fixed. I love you.’ Eternal optimist and we are all taking his lead.

“We are all so grateful and will keep you posted when we can. Thank you with all our hearts.”

A multi-month mega-fundraiser on Becker’s behalf, featuring just about every living famous metal guitarist there is, has been underway since March. The next performance is scheduled for today, April 8, and is set to include Devin Townsend. More information is here.

You can donate directly to Becker here.

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