ten56. (Ex-Betraying the Martyrs) Launch Debut Single


ten56., the new project fronted by Aaron Matts, have debuted their first-ever single, “diazepam.” You can check it out via the below music video.

Matts announced his departure from Betraying the Martyrs last week.

In addition to the new-former BtM vocalist, ten56. includes members of Novelists FR, Uneven Structure and Kadinja.

Aaron comments on “diazepam”: 

“As is the case for all of the tracks on the record, it’s been a true battle putting the thoughts I have into words on paper; the song’s true meanings are there to be found inside the lyrics, and given the nature of the subject matters I don’t feel super comfortable going too deeply into the gritty details. I’ve done my best to put it all out there in these tracks so I feel there’s nothing left to say, plus therapists are expensive, hence the birth of ten56..”

On the formation of ten56. and upcoming plans, Aaron continues: 

“We’ve been working on this silently for over a year and have a lot of surprises all backed up and ready to go; I can confidently say that no matter what people’s first impressions of our first single may be, they should not be hasty to form an opinion until they have heard the whole upcoming record, each single is going to a shock to the system, that I am sure of! 

“As for the guys in the band, it’s been a help being in the game for over ten years, it started with Arnaud, then together we hand picked from our close friends who we knew would be the perfect fit, and fuck me we lucked out, everyone is so sick.”

On the making of the ‘diazepam’ video, Aaron concludes: 

“Shit, hanging about in metal hangar until 5am in the winter time is as awful as it sounds haha, luckily the crew and company were real legends and the video turned out just how i’d imagined it, super gassed about it, stay tuned for the next one!

“Cheers for giving us the time of day, if you’re just finding out about us now; or if you’ve been following us individually for any amount of time then we owe you a huge amount of gratitude, thanks everyone.”

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