Video: Pig Calling Contest Goes Metal


If your first reaction to this article’s headline was “there’s such a thing as a pig calling contest?” of course there is, silly! There’s a contest for everything in these great united capitalist states of ours. True story, I once met the yee-haw champion of Carter County, Kentucky. Swell guy, and based on a brief in-person sample that nearly shattered my eardrums, the guy had a truly extraordinary yee-haw.

Wherever there’s a silly phenomenon, there’s an internet wiseass ready to make something even sillier out of it. So, behold: “Pig Calling Contest goes METAL!”

This latest slice of internet gold comes to us from André Antunes, who you may recognize from a similar and very viral video he made of televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s “HA HA HA!” sermon last fall. Given the subject matter you just know there are some bree-bree pig squeals included here, but honestly that’s not even the best part… these nearly three minutes of Midwesterners showing off their hog calling skills are some of the most entertaining moments I’ve experienced yet this week. Maybe that says more about me than the video, but alas, watch it below and decide for yourself.

Because Antunes has done such a stellar job with this clip, he earns a well-deserved plug: his new album, Sound of Victory, is out now.

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