Heavy Metal Hitchhiker TV Series Promises Some Much-Needed Fun (and Metal)


I don’t know about you, but I’m still keeping mostly to myself despite the ongoing vaccination rollout. Eating inside restaurants right now is for weirdos, and I’ve only got one shot so far anyway. Besides, there still isn’t really anything to DO! Once concerts and sporting events come back en masse it’ll be a different story, but for now I’m plenty happy getting shit done around the house and just relaxing.

Which is to say that I’m always in need of entertaining new shows to watch, and Heavy Metal Hitchhiker, a new series from BangerTV, scratches that itch perfectly in a way that watching the same 30 videos every Friday night on MTV Classic’s Metal Mayhem just doesn’t anymore. Brought to you by Sam Dunn, the man behind the iconic documentary, Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, the eight episode series premieres on April 20 (4/20, maaaaan!) on Banger’s YouTube channel.

Here’s the synopsis:

“This action-packed comedy series follows a day in the life of Mitch, a heavy metal-loving gas station attendant, who stumbles upon an abandoned guitar that belongs to his favourite band, RÄGR. In a moment of happenstance, Mitch realizes that he must follow in his father’s roadie-shaped footsteps and return the six-stringed axe to the band in time for their headlining concert. Without money or wheels, Mitch’s only option is to hitchhike. He’s got 10 hours to travel 247 kilometers to fulfill his destiny.”

Sounds fun, right? Exactly the kind of light-hearted content we need right now. And the soundtrack is right there with it, featuring music by Power Trip, Carcass, Municipal Waste, Earthless, Possessed, Exciter, KEN Mode, Protest the Hero, Cancer Bats and more.

Have a gander at the trailer below and subscribe to Banger’s YouTube channel so you don’t miss the debut.

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