Mudvayne Rumored to Announce Reunion Tomorrow


Update, 1:00pm EDT: Mudvayne have now officially announced their reunion as reported below, albeit an hour late. Get all the info here.

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Rock Feed is reporting that Mudvayne will be announcing their long-awaited reunion tomorrow.

In a video posted this evening, the YouTube channel claims that festival promoter Danny Wimmer Presents will reveal at noon tomorrow, April 19, that Mudvayne will perform at four of the promoter’s marquee events: Inkcarceration, Louder Than Life, Aftershock and Welcome to Rockville. The soonest of those, Inkcarceration, is set to take place from July 23 through 25 in Mansfield, OH; the other three are in September, October and November, respectively.

Rock Feed cited a Facebook post by Danny Wimmer Presents CEO Danny Hayes earlier today that playfully referenced multiple Mudvayne song titles. That post has seemingly since been pulled, but a screen shot follows:

Mudvayne Rumored to Announce Reunion Tomorrow

Rumors of a Mudvayne reunion have surfaced several times over the years, most recently this past December, since the band went on hiatus in 2010. Industry sources have told MetalSucks that the band have been offered “insane money” to reunite multiple times in the past decade, but have turned it down.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced on April 5 that there would no longer be capacity limits for outdoors events (a 25% capacity order still applies to indoor events). However, wearing masks and maintaining social distance will still be required, which could impact capacity indirectly for the event this July if restrictions don’t change before then.

MetalSucks spoke with Mudvayne bassist Ryan Martinie in 2019 about the “Brbr-DENG” meme that was making the rounds at the time, and Martinie offered the following about a potential reunion:

“Man, there’s always talk. Which is a good thing. I’m fortunate enough that the thing that we made together still garners some kind of interest from our fans and for those people who may have wanted to see us and never got to. There’s still kind of the ‘man, are they gonna do it?’

“I don’t have any answers for you on that front. Only that it’s fun when Mudvayne still is something that people enjoy. Like the brbr-DENG thing. Alright, cool, make some stuff up and make people laugh and share in it. But as far as it being a future item… I don’t know, only time can tell.”

Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett have been active in Hellyeah in the years since Mudvayne’s hiatus (Tribbett exited the group in 2014 and launched a new band, Audiotopsy). Mudvayne’s last album was a self-titled affair, released in 2009. Gray released a solo song in March, a cover of “Always On My Mind,” as made famous by Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson.

Martinie has been active with Soften the Glare, a heavy jazz fusion trio whose latest album, Glint, was produced by Jamie King (best known for his work with Between the Buried and Me) and came out last year.

We will, of course, keep you posted. The full Inkcarceration lineup announcement will follow tomorrow’s Mudvayne reveal (if true) on Tuesday.

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