Watch: Rare Footage of Mudvayne at New York’s CBGB in 2000


Mudvayne mania has swept the internet over the past 24 hours following the announcement that the band will reunite for four festival performances this year. People are STOKED! It’s remarkable how much the band’s legend grew during their 11 years away despite only a decade as an active band on the national scene the first time around. Just goes to prove the old adage that sometimes breaking up is the best thing a band can do for their longterm career.

Amidst all the Mudvayne social media chatter, this video from a 2000 show at New York’s famed CBGB has been making the rounds. The legendary venue had no shortage of soon-to-be-huge metal bands play its confines on the way up, and this clip shows Mudvayne sounding sharp for a frenzied audience. The show took place on September 18, which means L.D. 50 dropped a little less than a month prior, on August 22.

One Minute Silence, Factory 81 and Relative Ash were also on the bill. How’s that for a graveyard of early 2000s major label nu metal acts? Only one made it out alive!

Here’s the setlist:

3:12​ – “Dig”
6:07​ – “1”
10:50​ – “Internal Primates Forever”
15:30​ – “(K)now F(orever)”
22:25​ – “Nothing to Gein”
28:35​ – “Death Blooms”
33:59​ – “Under My Skin”
38:13​ – “Cradle”

Watch below!

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