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Dave Mustaine’s Daughter Electra is a Pop Singer Now; Hear Her New Song, “Evergreen”


Given the Mustaine family’s adopted hometown of Nashville, TN, it’s no surprise Megadave’s daughter Electra was drawn to country music in her formative years. But now, after releasing a country song in 2016, Electra, who moved back to California, has pivoted into full-on pop music with a glimmery, danceable new song called “Evergreen.”

Still just 23 years old, Electra has never been keen on following in her dad’s metallic footsteps (although she did join him on stage for a cover of “Á Tout Le Monde” last year), telling Loudwire, “We’re all very independent as individuals in our family. We all have that little rebellious streak about us. Early on, I was like, ‘I don’t want to be like you; I want to be my own person. I don’t want to make music because that’s who you are.’ I tried to step away from the identity that was my father’s by doing something opposite, but still kind of in the same world, with acting.”

Megadeth fans expecting to hear traces of Megadeth here won’t find any, but if you’re curious what the offspring of metal royalty is up to, or you’ve got proclivities for pop, have at it below. Electra’s brother, Justis, fell a little closer to their father’s tree as a band manager (he used to handle neo-thrash outfit Havok).

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