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Atreyu’s New Song Is a “Catastrophe”


Atreyu’s new song, “Catastrophe,” is promising… for all of fourteen seconds.

The main riff is actually siqq. Then Admiral Auto-Tune starts “singing” and deflates the whole thing.

The real kicker, though, is the chorus. Replace the guitars with an orchestra and Brandon Saller with Jonathan Groff and it would be ready for Frozen III. And yeah, bassist Marc McKnight occasionally gets to do some screaming, and there’s a fairly stereotypical breakdown, and that stuff is… fine. But that’s, I dunno, ten or fifteen percent of a song that lasts almost three minutes. So.

If you’re still curious in spite/because of everything, I just said, you can listen to “Catastrophe” via the below visualizer. The band’s new album, Baptize, comes out June 4. You can pre-order it here.

This will be Atreyu’s first record since parting ways with longtime frontman Alex Varkatzas last year. Varkatza subsequently called  “Save Us,” the first single the band released without him, “fake heavy.” Saller later asserted that Varkatzas actually helped write “Save Us”: “For him to say it’s fake heavy, then he wrote a fake heavy song.”

At some point — and we totally missed it, sorry — Atreyu added drummer Kyle Rosa, presumably to allow Saller to perform vocals unencumbered. Honestly only came to my attention because I noticed there were too many dudes in the band’s new promo pic (above).

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