Enlarge "This Catholic university is airing Satanism to what they call a target audience of 12-year-olds."

Catholic Protestors Seek to Shut Down “Satanic” Metal Radio Station WSOU


Haven’t we heard this story before?

For the umpteenth time, Catholic protestors are attempting to shut down WSOU, the radio station at Seton Hall University in New Jersey that’s been playing all metal all the time (with occasional breaks for school sports and such) since 1986. The protestors have called metal “Satanic” and say the station’s goals are at odds with those of the university, which is itself a Catholic institution.

Richard Smaglick, founder of the group Shutdown WSOU, called for the station to switch formats or be shut down entirely, according to News12. “This is a Catholic University. Catholic universities of America have lost track of their mission to an extreme. It’s so bad that this Catholic university is airing Satanism to what they call a target audience of 12-year-olds in the largest media market in North America and that needs to end.”

A spokesperson for Seton Hall said, “WSOU’s advisory board comprised of WSOU students and alumni along with Seton Hall University clergy and administrators, meets regularly to review the station’s content and operating policies and standards. The goal is to ensure that WSOU continues to realize its mission, goals, and long-held operating procedures. Further incorporating and integrating Catholic mission and ministry into WSOU’s wide-ranging and popular programming is always a priority.”

Last year, The Lepanto Institute, an “organization dedicated to the defense of the Catholic Church against assaults from without as well as from within,” set WSOU in its sights, calling the station “satanic, highly disturbing and viciously anti-Christian.” The Institute called on Cardinal Joseph Tobin, the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Newark and Chair of the Seton Hall Board of Trustees,” to put an immediate end to WSOU’s broadcasts.” An associated petition garnered a whopping 1,366 signatures.

WSOU has been a bastion for metalheads in the New York City area for decades (it can now also be streamed online from anywhere) and has been instrumental in helping to launch the careers of hundreds of metal bands. Its affiliation with Seton Hall has made the university a highly sought-after destination for students looking to get into both the broadcasting and metal industries. Certain bands whose music features satanic or anti-religious themes have historically not been played on air, but recent times have seen those restrictions eased.

Disclaimer: MetalSucks has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with WSOU for years.

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