One-of-a-Kind Metallica Optimus Prime Can Be Yours for Just a Few Hundred Bucks


If something can be done someone somewhere is doing it and posting about it on the web. For example, there are people who make one-of-a-kind custom Transformers toys, which isn’t a thing you’d naturally assume existed, but oh yeah of course it does.

In defense of the people that do this, it would be appear to be a profitable endeavor: this dude Simon Smith has made a Metallica/Master of Puppets-themed Optimus Prime figure, which he’s now selling on eBay. As of this writing, the price is up to $610.

Says Smith of his singular creation:

“I received a request sometime last year from a collector on Instagram for a new Metallica Optimus Prime to be made.

“I wanted to base this off of the album cover and pay respects to Cliff Burton at the same time so we have a blend of the two ideas.

“The box layout is pretty epic. There is no doubt who this piece is based on and the top flap with the 3 crosses really drives homethe feel from the album.

“Making this piece I listened to ‘Master of Puppets ‘ over and over again and it really got to me that we had lost such a passionate musician like Cliff Burton. Cliff was one of the major forces that propelled Metallica’s music in the early years to another level. He was the original head-banger who would wipe the crowd in to a frenzy during concerts. Many conceder him to be one of the greatest bass player of all time.

“It was an honor to create this piece and make that connection for someone who apparently thinks Prime would have made a great touring semi.”

Apparently, Smith tried to contact the person who originally requested the toy, and that person never responded. So. Boom. eBay.

You can peep some more photos of this bad boy below, and bid here. It’s definitely an act of copyright infringement, but being a one n’ done, I don’t believe Metallica or Hasbro have any cause to lawyer up, or that the purchaser should feel guilty about robbing those entities of income.

They should feel guilty about spending hundreds of dollars that could be used to feed a starving child on a Transformers toy.


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