Exclusive Track Premiere: Drawn and Quartered’s “Rotting Abomination (The Cleansing)”


Are you in the mood to hear something gentle, melodic, and beautiful?Well, then, you can fuck right the fuck off. This shit right here is for the real-deal, not-fucking-around metalheads: “Rotting Abomination (The Cleansing)” by veteran Seattle death metallers Drawn and Quartered.

The first single from the band’s eighth full-length studio album, Congregation Pestilence, is grade-A old school DM, and it’s brutal almost beyond words — imagine Incantation and Immolation turned up to 11, and you have some sense of what you’re in for. Like, actually being drawn and quartered might produce less gore. If someone broke into your house at night and killed you and your whole family, that would be fucked up; if this song broke into your house at night, it would make you watch while it killed your family and then leave you alive to deal with psychological fallout. It’s that level of cruel.

So, needless to say, we are beyond stoked to be premiering this track. You’re gonna fuckin’ love it.

Herb Burke (vocals, bass) comments:

“The first preview track from Congregation Pestilence comes in the hideous form of ‘Rotting Abomination (The Cleansing).’ Unearthed from the decomposing graves of Proliferation of Disease, these unseemly pieces of neck-snapping and twisted riffery, crushing rhythms and merciless violence are stitched together with primitive outbursts of hatred towards humanity and its superstitions.”

Listen to “Rotting Abomination (The Cleansing)” below. Congregation Pestilence comes out July 2 on vinyl, CD, and digital formats via Krucyator Productions. Pre-order it here.

Exclusive Track Premiere: Drawn and Quartered’s “Rotting Abomination (The Cleansing)”
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