Hellyeah are “On Hiatus,” Says Roy Mayorga


With vocalist Chad Gray set to participate in this year’s Mudvayne reunion, one might surmise that means Hellyeah won’t be doing anything any time soon.

What’s more, band members have expressed hesitation about continuing with new music after Vinnie Paul’s death, even if they’ve played live.

No longer do you need to speculate: Roy Mayorga, who has filled in for Paul on drums live, said in a recent interview that Hellyeah are “on hiatus” for now.

Speaking to The NYHC Chronicles, Mayorga was asked if Hellyeah have anything planned, to which he responded:

“Not right now, ’cause Chad is on his way to go do Mudvayne. So those guys are on hiatus for right now.”

And there are those much-ballyhooed words: on hiatus. Hellyeah had a tour planned for 2020 before Covid-19 had other plans.

That does leave open the possibility of future activity, of course, but with the Mudvayne machine just getting going — four festival appearances in 2021, and we can only guess plenty of proper touring in 2022 — it’ll be a while before we hear anything substantial about Hellyeah again.

Not that we’ve ever been huge Hellyeah fans around here, but, ya know… still important.

Mayorga recently revealed he’ll pay the bills in Hellyeah’s absence by joining Ministry on tour later this year, disappointing given the continued presence in the band of Sin Quirin, who has been accused of having sex with two women while they were still minors (and band leader Al Jourgensen’s sparse comments on the issue).

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