Listen: Slipknot’s “Sulfur” but it’s “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley


Today’s super-clever, surprisingly-catchy mash-up arrives courtesy of YouTube’s vixoria drift. They took Corey Taylor’s vocals from Slipknot’s 2008 hit, “Sulfur,” and laid them over the music from Gnarls Barkley’s omnipresent 2006 smash, “Crazy.”

Not only are the result a whole lotta fun, but the mash-up makes for an excellent way to troll people at a party — everyone will recognize that intro immediately, and then be totally confused when they hear Corey Taylor’s furious screams instead of CeeLo Green’s melodious falsettos. It’s enough to make me wish I had a wedding to go this summer.

Check out the mash-up below.

In February, Corey Taylor teased “massive” Slipknot news coming “in the next month or so.” We are now well past the “or so” point, however, and still have no massive news. Maybe he misspoke and meant “in the next quarter or so.”

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