Enlarge They have a cover on the soundtrack of the new Liam Neeson thriller-for-dads.

L.A. Rats: New Supergroup Includes Nikki Sixx, Rob Zombie, John 5, and Tommy Clufetos

  • Axl Rosenberg

Update, May 21, 10:00am EDT: The song is now available! Listen here.

Original post:

This morning I read that Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx, Rob Zombie, John 5, and Tommy Clufetos have banded together for a new project called L.A. Rats. And that news should have excited me — I like all of those people! — but my subconscious wasn’t feeling it. I thought maybe I just needed my morning glass of cold brew to awaken the excitement, but as I was pouring myself that very glass, it dawned on me why I wasn’t over-the-moon about this announcement:

It’s just the Educated Horses-era Rob Zombie band with Nikki Sixx on bass instead of Blasko.

Which is not to say that having Nikki Sixx in your band is NBD; say what you will about the guy, but he wrote the entirety of Mötley Crüe’s catalogue. And sure, he’s already written three Crüe songs with John 5, and they weren’t exactly great, but add Rob Zombie into the mix and it could result in something really coo-

Oh their first single is a cover you say?


The quartet’s recording debut is a new version of “I’ve Been Everywhere,” which was written by Geoff Mack, popularized by Lucky Star and Hank Snow, and used as the closing track of Johnny Cash’s American II: Unchained.

Somehow, it gets even less exciting.

The recording will appear on the soundtrack for The Ice Road, the next Liam Neeson thriller-for-dads, in which the Irish actor plays an ice driver. It is not to be confused with Cold Pursuit, the 2019 Liam Neeson thriller-for-dads, in which the Irish actor plays a snow plow driver.

So, revised report: four famous rock musicians recorded a cover for a new Liam Neeson movie. At some point someone said “What if we give this ‘band’ a name instead of just listing all the players?”, and Nikki Sixx was like “I used to be in this other band, Brides of Destruction, with a guy from a band called L.A. Guns. There’s already like five of those, but what if we were L.A. Rats?” and everyone agreed it was a good idea. They may or may not ever record something together again. They’re not the The Traveling Wilburys; they’re The Damning Well.

Other artists set to appear on the soundtrack include Miranda Lambert and Tim McGraw.

Based on social media teases, we’ll probably get to hear L.A. Rats’ version of “I’ve Been Everywhere” tomorrow (May 21). Maybe it will be overwhelmingly awesome but I’d keep my expectations tempered for now.

The Ice Road hits Netflix on June 25. It was written and directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, the dude who made the Thomas Jane/John Travolta version of The Punisher. Your dad will be thrilled!


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