Enlarge YouTube is fast becoming one of the quickest ways to gain popularity and influence.

How Influencers Use YouTube to Gain More Popularity and Engagement


YouTube is fast becoming one of the quickest ways to gain popularity and influence. With recent developments in technology and improvements in internet speeds, short and exciting video content has become part of most people’s online experiences. Although other social media platforms have also integrated videos into their services, YouTube is still the de-facto platform for most viewers.

In case you don’t know, influencers are individuals with fairly large followings on any digital platform, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Over the years, we have seen many YouTube influencers, also called ‘YouTubers,’ become increasingly mainstream due to their large internet followings. The large following is what makes them particularly successful and influential.

Nowadays, viewers watch close to 5 billion videos on YouTube every 24 hours, totaling over 1 billion hours of content. That’s more than the content watched on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter put together. Brands are beginning to employ and integrate influencers’ contributions into their product marketing. Influencers can engage their audience and gain more popularity through YouTube by following the tips in this guide.

Influencers create informative content

YouTube Influencers don’t just sit around and upload average videos to grow their followings. These people put in the hard work and develop creative content that blows away the minds of their viewers. That’s why they have been able to grow from people who used to shoot video in their rooms to influencers who can push ideas and products to their viewers through their YouTube channels. As you must have noticed, the most engaging videos are often short and enlightening. If the value doesn’t come across until several minutes in, you’ll lose your viewer. To grow your viewers and subscribers, you need to make your videos short and show value within the first 15 seconds. In addition, the value shouldn’t be reserved for just the first 15 seconds; the value should be constant all through the length of the videos.

Influencer Work on Your SEO

When it comes to video content, you need to be seen. Failure to be seen will potentially banish your videos into obscurity. To maximize your YouTube SEO, you need to make your video title keyword relevant and make use of an enticing thumbnail. The titles are important when you want viewers to watch your video because this is the first thing they see. Influencers understand this, and they select the most visually appealing thumbnail image and titles to capture viewers’ attention. They also include the benefit the viewer will get from watching your video in the title to improve the chances of clicking on the video. Influencers buy YouTube views and subscribers from sites like Stormviews to increase their channel engagements and their content reach.

YouTube Influencers promote Ads & Promotions

YouTube adverts hold better visual attention than television adverts because they are short and informative. Brands are now using popular YouTubers to spread the word about their products in their rebranding and new marketing campaigns. For example, brands contact YouTube influencers to create videos to educate and entertain viewers about their product features. Working with big brands to promote a product has greatly transformed the job description of YouTubers from simple content creators to mainstream influencers. After all, YouTube ranking is one of the platforms people are working to generate more traffic and for revenue purposes.    

YouTube Influencers provide genuine product Reviews

YouTube isn’t just for selling products; viewers also use the platform as a sneaky way of getting candid reviews from their favorite YouTubers or feedback from real customers. We live in a world full of deception, and some brands lie about the efficacy of their products to encourage people to buy from them. But by watching an honest review of a product or by reading the other buyers’ feedback in the comments section under the video, a potential buyer can make up their mind if they want to buy the product or not. The ability to find a genuine, guided, and constructive review may make a viewer subscribe to a channel thereby increasing the influencer’s publicly viewable subscriber count. Also, brands consult the services of influencers to create a product video and ask customers or viewers for reviews on their products. Some brands offer products to influencers before they even hit the market because these influencers have thousands or millions of subscribers and community-engaged followers willing to comment and buy from these brands.

YouTube Influencers Promote Discounts & Deals

It’s no news that people are on the lookout for the best deals and YouTube influencers understand this, so they make a lot of videos on how viewers can save money and get the best deals. Brands often give influencers gifts/products to create a video and a unique promotional code for their followers. These offers may range between 10-30% discount on their purchases and other deals for their followers. To effectively influence their viewer’s choices, most influencers make the discount code they are giving out limited time-bound to create a sense of urgency to act fast and buy now. Discounts and deals are often a big motivating factor for people following a particular influencer. YouTube influencers who give discounts and deals tend to grow their account and become poplar three times faster than those who don’t. When you give out discounts and deals, it becomes easier to influence the purchasing choice of your subscribers to a certain degree.

YouTube Influencers promote Giveaway & Contest.

YouTube influencers do a lot of giveaways. During a typical giveaway, a YouTube influencer may ask their viewers that are interested in the giveaway to follow some specific instruction such as following their YouTuber’s channel, subscribing to their page, switching on the notification button, liking some of their previous videos, commenting under their videos, or following them on other social media sites. All these instructions are meant to increase the traffic on the influencer’s channel, giving the influencer more popularity and influence.

YouTube influencers are highly influential and popular through the different ways they engage their viewers. They are more authentic and genuine, far more than traditional paid actors, and the authenticity factor is one of the strongest reasons they can sell or recommend a product to their audience. With this comes high audience engagement and popularity.

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