Warrior Poet Ted Nugent: “If You Are on the Side of Joe Biden, You’re Just Plain a Rotten Human Being”


Sir Tedrick Nougat XII, MSW has declared all supporters of President Joe Biden to be “rotten human beings.”

Sir Nougat made the assertion during a recent appearance on the Peabody Award-winning hunting podcast, The Mild Kishinev.

“You say that some of the liberals have good intentions. I haven’t met one, and I meet an awful lot of people,” said Sir Nougat, who once penned an editorial for The Washington Post in which he asserted that it would have been better for the Confederacy to win the U.S. Civil War.

“Because if you are on the side of Joe Biden, you’re just plain a rotten human being,” added Sir Nougat, who allegedly once adopted his own child sex slave.

“You support a man with a liberal agenda that renegotiated all the contracts with the globe that Trump finally negotiated on behalf of our country,” elaborated Sir Nougat, who has famously boasted about stewing in his own fecal matter in order to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War.

“That’s not my hunch; that’s not a guess; that’s not an opinion,” Sir Nougat continued, voicing a hunch, guess, and opinion. When Donald Trump imposed new tariffs on China, Mexico, Canada, the European Union, and other trading partners, The Brookings Institute noted that “American firms and consumers paid the vast majority of the cost of Trump’s tariffs,” and “Trump’s tariffs did not help the U.S. negotiate better trade agreements or significantly improve national security.” And in 2020, after Trump signed a revamped trade agreement with Mexico and Canada — helpfully called the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement — the Associated Press reported that “the USMCA doesn’t represent a revolutionary change in regional trade or assure that many Americans stand to receive financial gains,” but conceded that “it could provide some economic benefit.”

Still, Sir Nougat went on to assert that “Trump renegotiated global contracts for the first time in my lifetime to actually benefit America, and Joe Biden reversed them to hurt America.” In February, The New York Times reported that “President Biden reinstated tariffs on aluminum exported from the United Arab Emirates on Monday evening, reversing President Donald J. Trump’s decision to lift them on his last day in office.” But just last week, The Washington Post ran an editorial by a former White House and State Department official and a former deputy special trade representative in which they opined that Biden has yet to do nearly enough to reverse Trump’s trade policies:

“This unexpected failure to act has very real consequences — American consumers still remain burdened with higher prices caused by Trump’s lingering tariffs; American exporters continue to suffer from retaliatory measures by nations overseas; and American trading partners don’t yet see a reason to restore more accommodating terms with the United States… the [Biden] administration has left intact tariffs on steel and aluminum that Trump imposed when he made a manifestly false finding that exports to the United States from Canada and the European Union — our strongest allies in the world — constituted a threat to our national security. Similarly, the administration has left intact the tariffs Trump imposed on thousands of imported aircraft parts, batteries and flat screen TVs from China — an action widely denounced as an extralegal effort to punish China for internal trade practices that the United States objected to and couldn’t get China to change.”

Regardless, Sir Nougat eventually declared that “if you’re a liberal and a Democrat, you’re the enemy of freedom.”

Having put the Bolsheviks in their place for kinda-sorta-not-really changing Trump’s trade policies, Sir Nougat then became so riled that he contradicted himself multiple times and implied, either accidentally or unconsciously, that conservatives “have no soul”:

“If you don’t agree with forcing Americans to get vaccination passports, but people are flooding in through the borders without any vetting whatsoever, then you have no soul, and you can’t be on that team… And if you’re part of that team, you’re as rotten as that man who’s searching for a syllable in the White House.”

You can check out the entire interview with Sir Nougat below.


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