Dallas Taylor (ex-Underoath / Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster) Had Double Eye Surgery


It’s been some time since we posted an update on the health of former Underoath and Maylene and The Sons Of Disaster frontman Dallas Taylor, who in 2016 was in an ATV accident that left him with several life-changing injuries, including the complete loss of sight in his left eye, blurred vision in his right, lung problems, teeth issues, short-term memory loss and chronic pain. Taylor later developed thyroid problems, complete lack of energy, increased short and long-term memory loss, disappearance of sex drive, trouble determining whether he’s hungry or full and difficulty regulating body temperature.

Dallas’s mother Dorothy took to his Instagram account on Friday, June 4, to update fans on his recent double eye surgery, intended to help stave off complete blindness resulting from his eyes’ inability to generate moisture. She explained:

“Update on Dallas: Dallas had his eye surgery yesterday. They stitched both eyes but they stitched his left eye which he is blind in ,half way across his eye.They stitched the right one not as much.This is suppose to let him have more moisture in his eyes because he doesn’t make tears, and the dryness could possibly make him to go blind in years to come.
Please keep him in your thoughts, and prayers. Thank you for all the support it really means a lot to him, and us.”

We continue to send Dallas and his family all the strength for fighting through.

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