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Body Count Begin Work on New Album, Merciless

  • Axl Rosenberg

Body Count have issued the following VV important announcement:

“BODYCOUNT NEWS: Even though we have not been able to perform ONE single concert to support the [2020] CARNIVORE album because of the Global Pandemic.. We’ve made the decision to Officially start the NEW BC Album ‘MERCILESS’ 2021 …Stay tuned…”

My random thoughts + questions about this:

  1. Merciless is a great title for a Body Count album!
  2. It seems like not that long ago that Body Count were M.I.A. (there was a nine-year gap between Violent Demise and Murder 4 Hire, and an eight-year gap between Murder 4 Hire and Manslaughter) and a lot of fans — myself included — thought they were dunzo. But since Manslaughter in 2014, they’ve put out a new album every three years, and now it seems like the time between releases will be even closer together. And the albums are all still good! I hope they keep up this pace.
  3. Are we supposed to make Bodycount one word now? If so, do we still capitalize the C or nah?

More Merciless news as it becomes available.

Despite not be able to play live in support of last year’s Carnivore, Body Count, the band still won this year’s Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for that album’s track “Bum-Rush.”

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