66Samus is Once Again Asking for Your Recorded Farts


Samus “66Samus” Paulicelli, the YouTuber, Decrepit Birth drummer, session musician, multi-instrumentalist and generally talented fella, embarked on an ambitious project last year in which he asked his fans to record their farts and email them to him to use for samples on a new keyboard he got.

The resulting video, which you can watch below, featured hundreds of fan-recorded farts and was predictably hilarious. Ranging from high-pitched squeaks to flappy bellows to near sharts, Samus’s fans delivered the flatulence he so desperately sought, and his commentary was truly priceless, as were the keyboard shenanigans he employed with all those fart samples.

And now he’s doing it again: The Fast and the Flatulent 2, louder, smellier, deadlier.

In what he’s dubbing “Shart Week,” set to take place two weeks from now, Samus needs your farts submitted by July 12 via email to [email protected] No Instagram messages! Only email. Record them however you want, even using your phone. “I need your ASSistance,” he pleads.

You heard the man: do it! Nothing has ever been more important.


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