Enlarge He just wanted to rock, but the po-po wouldn't let him.

Video: Half-Naked Guitarist Arrested for Performing in His Driveway


Australian guitarist Savas Caruso, who performs under the name Subblet Hammer, was arrested by local police for performing a set on his own driveway… in nothing but his skivvies.

The incident, which took place several weeks ago but is just now making the rounds internationally, was just one of Caruso’s weekly sets in front of his home in Salisbury Downs, a suburb of Adelaide. Some of his neighbors hadn’t taken kindly to his regular 45-minute sets of original material, and an environment protection order was issued barring Caruso from performing. He did anyway, like the rock and roll badass he is!

Worth noting, and something I haven’t seen covered elsewhere: Caruso prominently displays the Australian Aboriginal Flag in his driveway. Could his performances, at least in part, be political in nature?

In any case, police came and arrested Caruso during his set, turning off his amp and forcibly removing his guitar while he continued to play it, even unplugged, like the true rock and roll warrior he is. Video footage filmed by bystanders shows Caruso being locked into a police truck and being carted off by cowardly police officers.

Caruso remained in jail for three days following his arrest until the Magistrate threw the case out, ruling the arrest unlawful.

[via Guitar World]

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