Enlarge Don't mess with the kingpins of slamming gore groove.

Waking the Cadaver “Threaten Physical Force” Against Their Enemies on Ferocious New Single


So-called ‘slamming gore groove’ masters Waking the Cadaver have returned with a new song and album announcement… and, uh, I definitely wouldn’t fuck with these guys. Personally, that is; I definitely fuck with their music!

Here are a few lyrical excerpts from “Threaten Physical Violence,” the title itself a warning shot to those who cross the band:

“I’d hate to inflict pain just to shut you up
Fear is a powerful thing
Threatening hostile force by physical means
Punishment through violence is how I stay anonymous
Intimidate to silence, reprisal for ratting
Pain, my persuasive tool
If you squeal like a pig I’ll be forced to act cruel
Murdering everything that you fucking love
Sledgehammer to your wife, a knife to your son
I bet you’d hate to wake up to all your loved ones gone
But that’s the price you’ll pay if you sing canary songs”

About half of those lyrics consist of single sustained growls while words flash on the screen — I’m not convinced the dude is saying anything — but you get the point: mess with these dudes and you’re going down!

Vocalist Don Campan’s comment on the band’s new album, by comparison, is relatively pedestrian and light-hearted:

“I am extremely proud of ‘Authority Through Intimidation’ for the intensely disgusting brutal vibe it has casted out into the Universe and beyond. Slamming gore groove has been summoned by its worldwide fans and they will not be let down. This album has all of our infamous alien guttural overlord vocal styles and raw signature slam dunks, with wicked fresh ferocious shredding attacks delivered from a musical-masterminded line up. The Kingpins of Death are stoked and proud to have the one and only next level blasting machine Lord Marco on drums giving this new material a cutting edge injection.”

I’m dying to know what a slam dunk is!

Give “Threaten Physical Violence” a spin below. Authority Through Intimidation album out on October 22 via Unique Leader; pre-order here.

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