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Track Premiere: Grand Cadaver, “Reign Through Fire” (feat. Dark Tranquillity’s Mikael Stanne)


Those accustomed to reading new music premiere copy on MetalSucks and elsewhere know there’s a basic format for these things: introduction, band back story, flowery language about the new song/album using various synonyms for “brutal” and the writer telling you how good it is, quote from a band member, music embed, end.

But we’re gonna switch it up this time around and do it mostly in reverse, because the quote from Grand Cadaver guitarist Stefan Lagergren about the band’s new song, “Reign Through Fire,” is so perfectly descriptive that it’s important you read it first:

“This first single is just five guys in a room playing death metal. Plain and simple. We brought some Marshalls and HM-2s and started cranking out the next chapter of Grand Cadaver, a chapter that continues the path of blood and death that our ‘Madness Comes’ EP started last year. It might get a bit weirder this time, but it’s still a big slab of feel-bad Swedish death metal. And the B-side to this single is special. L.G. Petrov’s passing hit us hard. He is a big part of why we love this style of metal, and his impact on this band is enormous. We chose to record ‘Supposed to Rot’ as a celebration of L.G. and his years of service to death metal. It’s unquestionably a classic, and a perfect song; two minutes of killer riffs, killer vocals, drive and fantastic lyrics.”

Right? It’s all there! The only thing missing — besides me telling you how awesome the song is — is the band lineup. So here’s that: Lagergren (The Grifted / ex-Treblinka / Expulsion) is joined by fellow guitarist Alex Stjernfeldt (Novarupta / Let Them Hang), drummer Daniel Liljekvist (Disrupted / ex-Katatonia), bassist Christian Jansson (Pagandom), and vocals from some guy named Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity).

And here’s this: the song fucking rules. Pummels. Bludgeons. Pulverizes. Pick your “brutal” adjective of choice.

With all that out of the way, listen to “Reign Through Fire” below. The 7″ single w/ Entombed B-Side is limited to 666 copies and available right here. Grand Cadaver’s debut LP, Into the Maw of Death, will arrive on October 29 via Majestic Mountain Records.

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