Enlarge Harold Oimoen has "absolutely no sympathy" for Sean Killian.

Vio-lence Singer and Former D.R.I. Bassist Beefing Over Vaccinations

  • Axl Rosenberg

Earlier today, we reported that Vio-lence singer Sean Killian “entered the hospital to be treated for Covid,” and is, luckily, now on the mend. We did wonder, however, whether or not Killian was vaccinated, given that a) hospitalization rates amongst the vaccinated are extremely low, and b) Vio-lence now includes amongst its members former Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, who is, to use a clinical term, a conspiracy theorist wackadoo (he once claimed that anyone who points their finger when speaking is a Nazi).

Well, it would seem we now know the answer, and that Killian was not vaxxed. Big shock, I know.

We know this because Harald Oimoen — former bassist for D.R.I. and one of the photographers behind Muder in the Front Row — posted this message on social media yesterday:

“Hmmmmm …. I really don’t wanna piss anybody off …. however the vocalist of a very popular local legendary ( almost !) thrash band just contracted the virus !!

“He is a totally anti vaccination kinda guy !

“I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who gets the virus but refuses to get vaccinated !!! Kinda ironic and perfect punishment for being soooo ignorant !!”

Oimoen, obviously, did not mention Killian by name… but in case there was any doubt who was he was talking about, Killian soon posted a response, in which he did not deny that he is an “anti-vaccination kinda guy,” but did threaten to kick Oimoen’s ass:

“This is what Harold Oimen [sic] just posted about me.

“When an individual’s mind is so poisoned by the need to confirm their affiliation with a group that they use others misfortune to do it says a lot about that person. I considered Harold a friend once but no longer. If he had any integrity he would have contacted me directly and we could have had an open conversation. We have known each other for decades. Your [sic] a coward Harold don’t ever consider yourself my friend again. When you see me in public, and you will, avoid me like a storm sent from Hell because that is what you’ll be facing.”

Truthfully, I find this all to be very silly.

Oimoen began his very provocative post by saying he didn’t wanna piss anyone off, which seems disingenuous. I am 110% pro-vaxx and even I find that irritating.

And Killian is a fool, both for not getting vaccinated (especially when he already survived a liver transplant in 2018 — why push your luck, bruh?), and for thinking that beating up Oimoen would prove anything (and also for mixing up “your” and “you’re”).

These guys are in their mid-fifties, but behaving like they’re fifteen. There’s no winner here.

Having said all of that, I did speak to the ghosts of Ronnie James Dio, Dimebag, Eddie Van Halen, and Jeff Hanneman this morning, and they all agree that real metalheads get vaccinated. Sooooo…


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