Enlarge Harald Oimoen said he had "no sympathy" for Killian, who was not vaccinated when he contracted the virus.

Former D.R.I. Bassist Apologizes to Vio-Lence Singer for Being Kind of a Dick about COVID-19

  • Axl Rosenberg

Harald Oimoen, former bassist for D.R.I. and one of the photographers behind Muder in the Front Row, has apologized for recent comments he made about Vio-lence singer Sean Killian contracting COVID-19.

Killian, we’ve recently learned, is anti-vaxx. So after he “entered the hospital to be treated for Covid,” Oimoen said he has “absolutely no sympathy for anyone who gets the virus but refuses to get vaccinated.” Killian reacted by calling Oimoen “a coward” and implying that he would kick the bassist’s ass the next time their paths crossed.

Oimoen has now expressed regret for that comment:

“I’d like to publicly apologize to Sean Killian for my callous and uncalled for rant !! I’ve known Sean for 35+ years and even performed at his benefit show !! I should keep my opinions to my self !! I love our scene here in the Bay Area and deeply care for all my friends !! This has gotten way outta hand & never dreamed my comment would blow up like this !! I don’t know WTF I was thinking …. Life is way too short & fragile to even waste time on bullshit like this !! It was mean spirited & uncalled for !”

“There is enough schism in the world right now & I shouldn’t be making it worse !”

“So bummed we lost Eric Wagner who was a way cool guy ! Get well soon Sean and now we’re even for the time you trashed my house with Baloff & Fred Cotton !! Truly sorry brother !” 

Killian, who fortunately is now recovering from the virus, has not yet responded to the apology.

Although we should not be celebrating anyone’s death or illness, and Oimoen’s original comments were extremely sophomoric, I do wish he’d said something to the effect of “I should have had more empathy but also please go get vaccinated,” because, y’know, Killian should have been vaccinated and his illness was very likely preventable. Two things can be true at once.


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