Enlarge The group's latest single is somewhat of a departure from their usual assault of death-grind.

Full of Hell Go Mathcore on New Song “Reeking Tunnels”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Full of Hell are generally known for unleashing unadulterated, razing death-grind. But their new single, “Reeking Tunnels,” is something a bit different for them: mathcore.

Oh, sure, Dylan Walker’s vocals still sound like Patty Bouvier drowning in a puddle of battery acid, but the music is a lot more precise, a laser-sighted sniper rifle instead of their usual MOAB assault. Or, as Walker puts it, “‘Reeking Tunnels’ is the foil to the cacophonous blasting on either side,” and it finds the band “Channeling Cop Shoot Cop and Shellac into a deep labyrinth of gnashing teeth and confusion” (Cop Shoot Cop and Shellac, in case ya don’t know, are decidedly non-metal).

Check out “Reeking Tunnels” via the below music video.

The song will appear on Full of Hell’s new album, Garden of Burning Apparitions, which comes out October 1 via Relapse. Pre-order it here.

Full of Hell Go Mathcore on New Song “Reeking Tunnels”
Artwork by Mark McCoy
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