Enlarge Why do so many artists and actors turn to drugs and alcohol?

What’s the Real Reason So Many Artists and Actors Use Drugs?


Why do so many artists and actors turn to drugs and alcohol?

Let’s start with some clear examples.

Daniel Radcliffe struggled with alcohol while filming Harry Potter simply due to performance anxiety, as he claims, and because there were too many people watching him.

Prolific author Stephen King is quite open about a certain period in his life, which lasted around 8 years, when he consumed both alcohol and cocaine on a regular basis. He claims that, while these substances surely did turn on his creative faucet, they also harmed the books that he published during that time.

But these are only two of the specific reasons why a lot of artists and actors use drugs. Is there a singular, general reason behind this? Let’s find out.

Jealousy – an Eternal Problem

Many people believe that our artists and actors are lost to the cruel world of drugs mainly because of people that are jealous of them. Those people can’t stand someone being more creative or more successful than them. As a result, they usually end up introducing drugs into the artist’s or actor’s life.

Obviously, this is not to be confused with relationships of friendship, such as the one between Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Depp, a friendship that many believed was crowned by alcohol and hard drugs. 

In this particular respect, we refer strictly to people that try to ruin the lives of others. But why does this happen?

The Struggling Artist/Actor

When fame and fortune hit, many people lose their connections in the regular world and are joined by untrustworthy, mischievous influences. Artists and actors often lose contact with family and friends while chasing their big dreams.

It goes without saying that while you’re on the road to getting everything you want to have, you’ll often lose the people that cherish you, and you’ll more often than not be joined by envious, jealous people instead. 

As a result, while artists and actors have the money, fame, and friends to enjoy their new life, the people that are often found around them have other goals in mind rather than just to rejoice in someone else’s success. 

The Real Reason

Along those same lines, one could say that the real reason is the normalization of the concept that drugs are one of the best ways to become more creative and produce a sustainable career as an actor/artist.

While most folks are smart enough not to believe this, they are often pressured by the above-mentioned sorts of influential people. Mischievous people can push someone vulnerable into abusive or unhealthy behaviors.

An artist or actor can come up with a variety of ways to improve their mood or boost their creativity. But it’s hard to sit down and think of such ways when the easiest way, drugs, are one arm’s length away and in the hand of a so-called friend.

The Bottom Line

Let’s not forget that fame itself is also one reason for drug use and abuse – but even in these cases, one might identify a culprit behind the scenes.

Anyway, it seems that the world is slowly moving away from such trends. Companies such as this website, which provide the world with safe and legal ways to boost creativity and well-being with CBD, have become the preferred choice of many artists/actors that have not yet been corrupted by their so-called friends.


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