Sh*t That Comes out Today: September 10, 2021

  • Jeff Treppel

It’s the 20 year anniversary of the release of God Hates Us All! And, uh, something else.

Sh*t That Comes out Today: September 10, 2021

ManiaCult (Century Media)

Aborted have been through nine albums and about twice as many bandmembers in their 26 years of existence and I’ll be damned if I can tell the difference between any of them. That out of the way, ManiaCult features some sick cover art and even sicker brutal death metal riffs. Thankfully, this isn’t slam metal – some pretty insane musicianship bursts through the bludgeoning, “Impetus Odi” in particular displaying Nile-style string contortions. With these Belgian bruisers, you get exactly what’s on the packaging, but in this case the packaging is pretty gnarly.

Sh*t That Comes out Today: September 10, 2021

Andrew W.K.
God Is Partying (Napalm)

Despite the hesher hair, tours with metal acts, and use of Obituary members in his live band, Andrew W.K.’s status as “metal” has long been questionable. Well, God Is Partying answers that question with a resounding “yes.” Between the heaviest guitars he’s ever had, the darkest subject matter, and a track that straight-up sounds like Mastodon (“I’m in Heaven”), this definitely falls into the category. And it rules. As easy as it may be to dismiss him as the party guy, the simplistic lyrics have always hid some pretty lofty musical ambitions. Here, he crashes Olympus.

Here's your guide to all of this week's heaviest new releases! Featuring Aborted, Andrew W.K., Chrome Waves, and more!!!

Chrome Waves
The Rain Will Cleanse (Transcending)

Chrome Waves’ name always made it sound like they should be doing some synthwave stuff. While The Rain Will Cleanse doesn’t go quite that far, it does make them the latest act to transition from post-black metal to blackgaze to straight-up shoegaze. Where goes Deafheaven goes the world, I suppose. This collection of Chicagoan metal vets know how to sling shimmer with the best of them: the rain cleaned off the grime and really let them shine.


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