Enlarge For Greg Anderson's new project, The Lord.

Alice in Chains Singer and Sunn O))) Guitarist Team Up on New Song


Sunn O)))’s Greg Anderson has launched a new project called The Lord, whose music he describes as “explorative compositions and collaborations,” and one the outfit’s first singles features vocals from Alice in Chains singer William DuVall.

“We Who Walk in Light” is truly the halfway point between the work both artists are best known for. Doomy, dark and slow, the musical composition resembles Sunn O))) in tone, but it’s way more song-focused, bringing it closer to DuVall’s wheelhouse. DuVall’s vocals vacillate between deep, chanted bellows and the harmonized layers and croons he’s known for, placing his performance firmly in the middle too. A truly collaborative effort that came out great.

DuVall explains:

“‘We Who Walk In Light’ just came to me. I simply reacted to the music Greg sent, tracked and arranged all my parts at home alone. I wrote it as I was singing it, all at once, no second guessing. Thankfully, my wife was out of town at the time as she might have been a bit unsettled by some of the sounds emanating from the basement.

“It’s basically a heavy metal Buddhist monk choir with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan flying in for a cameo. I’m sure it’s channeling some of the tension of current times. I was happy to be asked by The Lord to collaborate and I’m glad to donate the proceeds to my friend Brother Wayne Kramer’s organization, Jail Guitar Doors.”

Jail Guitar Doors USA is a non-profit organization that provides musical instruments and mentorship to help rehabilitate prisoners.

You can stream the track below and download it here.

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