Enlarge New-school deathcore for fans of Shadow of Intent, Brand of Sacrifice, and even Obscura.

AngelMaker Drop New Track, “Creator’s Conscience,” and Two-Song EP


Deathcore fans, rejoice: AngelMaker have dropped a brand new single and music video, “Creator’s Conscience,” as part of a two-song EP titled Dawn that is also out now.

AngelMaker are part of the recent new-school deathcore renaissance of uber-heavy, dynamic bands that pull from a wider variety of influences than the deathcore of yore: think Shadow of Intent, Brand of Sacrifice, etc. One listen to “Creator’s Conscience” and you’ll understand what I mean by that if you’re somehow not already familiar with any of these three bands; yeah, there’s plenty here of what made Suicide Silence and Whitechapel so popular all those years ago, but there’s also a ton more, particularly from the Obscura tech-death spectrum.

Also: I was today years old when I learned AngelMaker have two vocalists and three guitarists. Yay for me!

Vocalist Mike Greenwood shares:

“We are excited to present our first single “Creators Conscience”. We wrote this song about a characters internal debate, to either let one’s creation learn from its mistakes and grow or to end its wrong doing and destroy it. It’s an epic, melody driven song with the right amount of heaviness.”

Check out “Creator’s Conscience” below. The two-track EP, Dawn, is out now and available here, including the second track, “Eating The Body Of God.”

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