Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Dave Navarro and Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction) Team Up in New Band, NHC


Anyone here remember The Panic Channel? No? Here, let me jog your memory:

Still no? Alright, well… I don’t blame you. The Panic Channel never really took off. But the band, which featured Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro, Chris Chaney and Stephen Perkins, together with vocalist and former MTV VJ Steve Isaacs, put out a lone record in 2006 and then faded into the sunset. It was a decent record, but I understand why it didn’t catch on.

But now they’re back! Sort of, not really. Navarro and Chaney are together again — Jane’s Addiction have been performing only very sporadically over the past decade — and they’ve enlisted Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters fame on the drums. Hawkins also handles lead vocals, with Navarro chipping in on backups. The outfit has been dubbed NHC, after the participants last initials.

The vibe is similar to The Panic Channel, but that’s likely in large part because Dave Navarro can’t not sound like Dave Navarro. It’s alt rock with a moody, dark but bluesy vibe. It’s good. I’ve always like Navarro! Even his controversial work with the Chili Peps.

You can check out NHC’s first two songs, “Feed the Cruel” and “Better Move On,” below.

NHC will open for Pearl Jam at the Ohana Festival in Dana Point, CA on October 2

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