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Atræ Bilis Stream Pulverizing New Album Apexapien

  • Axl Rosenberg

I initially assumed that Atræ Bilis’ name was Latin for “Annoying Shit for a Blogger to Have to Keep Typing Out.” But it actually translates in Spanish to something like “Attracts Bile.” That’s probably a better name.

Regardless of what ‘Atræ Bilis’ actually means, this Canadian band is fucking brutal. The Eliran Kantor album art for their debut full-length, Apexapien, features a skull that’s reminiscent of the one from the cover of Sepultura’s Beneath the Remains. But that’s where any obvious Sepultura influence ends.

Apexapien is much more in the vein of Effigy of the Forgotten-era Suffocation, Domination-era Morbid Angel, and latter-day Immolation, but with a touch of proggy ADD. The strongest tracks, like “Open the Effigy” and “Seas of Sepsis,” are dripping with guitar pyrotechnics and abrupt changes and skillfully-thought-out dissonance and lots and lots of mid-paced pummeling. Apexapien seems like it would make a good soundtrack if you ever had to cut up a body with an old rusty hand saw, or get fucked by a steamroller. Hopefully you never have to do either of those things, but if you ever do, you’ll have something to listen to while you work.

Apexapien comes out tomorrow (October 8) on 20 Buck Spin, but the entire thing is streaming now. You can, and should, check it out below. You can also pre-order it here (physical) or here (digital).

Atræ Bilis Stream Pulverizing New Album Apexapien
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