New Limp Bizkit Album Coming Halloween?


Fred Durst is threatening to finally release the new Limp Bizkit album, which, it appears, could happen as early as this week.

In June, guitarist Wes Borland said that the long-teased new record, which may or may not be called Stampede of the Disco Elephants, has not yet been released because the music doesn’t hold up to frontman Durst’s lofty standards.

That assertion sent the entire world into a months-long laughing fit, which the band disrupted by actually debuting a new song, “Dad Vibes” — the equivalent of ripping the loudest, wettest, smelliest Taco Bell fart during a wedding ceremony.

Since then, Durst has spent considerable time on social media hyping up the album’s imminent release, culminating this past weekend with an Instagram story displaying part of the album’s cover art (below) and hinting that it’s gonna be released on Halloween.

At least, Loudwire tells me that he was hinting the new album will be released on Halloween. What Durst actually wrote was this characteristically non-sensical gobbledygook:

“Instead, all ????’s will drop on Halloween.”

Instead of what? Why the pumpkin emoji?? Why the possessive apostrophe behind the pumpkin emoji???

Shhh. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Trying to apply logic to Fred Durst is like trying to apply lipstick to a rattlesnake in the back of a car driving over a bumpy road. You’re only gonna hurt yourself.

So we’ll see if this actually happens or not but it looks like there may be a new Limp Bizkit album within the next seven days. Which is sad news, but we did make it more than ten whole years without a new Limp Bizkit album. You have to appreciate the little victories in life.

New Limp Bizkit Album Coming Halloween?
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