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Not to Be Outdone by Limp Bizkit, Ulver Will Also Release a New Album on Halloween

  • Axl Rosenberg

Wouldn’t it be kinda funny if there was some long-running beef between Ulver and Limp Bizkit? I mean, there’s long-running beef between Limp Bizkit and every living thing with ears. But I mean if, like, Ulver considered Limp Bizkit their peers, and the two bands were competitive. That shit would be hilarious.

It is, of course, not the case — half of me wonders if the dudes in Ulver have ever even heard of Limp Bizkit — but I may pretend it is when Ulver release a new album, Scary Muzak, on Halloween this Sunday… which is the same day, of course, that Bizkit are dropping Still Sucks, their first new record in ten years. It’s like, gee… which one will I listen to first???

Prog reports:

“The new album is largely inspired by the band’s love of horror film director and musician John Carpenter, and came abut after Ulver performed a reimagined version of the iconic score to Carpenter’s Halloween along with a screening of the film at the newly restored 1920s cinema at Frogner in Oslo last year.”

Scary Muzak includes seven original tracks along with five covers of themes from various Carpenter-composed themes for the director’s films. Which five? I’m not entirely sure; the song titles all have been scrambled or re-imagined for the track listing. The first track, “Aleen Howl,” is presumably the Halloween theme. As for the others, well… here, see if you can figure it out:

1. “Aleen Howl”
2. “Ateliers Hume”
3. “Genet Nightingale”
4. “Addi Feld Hon”
5. “Alchemist Salk”
6. “Boo Sackcloth”
7. “Evil Longbows”
8. “Club Fuego”
9. “Achilles Milk”
10. “ECM Panorama”
11. “Redrum Al Brut”
12. “RIP Brouhaha”

You can check out the Scary Muzak album art below.

Not to Be Outdone by Limp Bizkit, Ulver Will Also Release a New Album on Halloween
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