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Electra Mustaine, Megadeth Mainman’s Daughter, Covers Cyndi Lauper for Alzheimer’s Awareness


As anyone who’s ever had a relative or friend suffering from Alzheimer’s disease knows well, it’s an absolutely devastating affliction to witness. Everything from entire periods of someone’s life to a conversation that took place just minutes ago can vanish from consciousness, and the process of watching the disease’s progression over the months and years is incredibly heart-breaking and difficult.

Electra Mustaine, daughter of Megadeth mainman Dave, has joined forces with the Alzheimer’s Association’s Music Moments campaign to help spread awareness during National Family Caregivers Month. Performing a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time,” Electra — who has made in-roads as a country and pop artist in recent years, as well as appearing with her father on stage — connects music to her personal journey as a caregiver for her Nana, her maternal grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s.

Mustaine says that she and her grandma were each other’s biggest cheerleaders; her Nana never missed a show, and Mustaine stayed by her side after her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. While “Time After Time” was originally written about romantic love, Mustaine says that for her, the lyrics speak to the beautiful relationship between a loved one living with Alzheimer’s and an unwavering care partner “who can just be there, time after time for them.”

Have a listen below to Electra’s rendition of the Cyndi Lauper classic along with some personal anecdotes and inspiration from Electra herself.

More info on the #MusicMoments campaign by the Alzheimer’s Association is available here, and you can keep up on socials as well at the following locations: Twitter @alzassociation, Instagram @alzassociation and Facebook @actionalz.

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