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Unleashed Unleash Rousing New Single “You Are the Warrior!”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Every dog’s favorite Swedish death metal band, Unleashed, have released a new song, “You Are the Warrior!”. I like that it has that exclamation point in the title. It automatically makes you feel like you’re about to listen to something uplifting. It makes me wonder why Hatebreed don’t put exclamation points in their song titles.

As for the song itself, it’s pretty good, albeit basic AF. Like, the riff sounds way evil, but after twenty seconds, you get the idea. There are ways to make something simple but interesting — adding subtle changes to the music behind each verse, for example — but they didn’t really do much of that here. There aren’t a whole lotta nooks and crannies to be explored on “You Are the Warrior!”.

I also admit that I may like-but-not-love the song in part because I read vocalist/bassist Johnny Hedlund’s press release statement about the track before I listened to it, and it reads like copy for a new Norse-themed Axe Body Spray scent:

“In the battle of life there will be moments, for the Warrior, when the whole world seems to be against you. When pain and suffering is at its peak and everything is pitch black. This is the time to recall the reason for the struggle, and to remember those before you, their resolve and will of steel. You aim for the most noble deed of all and strive toward greatness, the highest of all ideals. That…is the call to Odin. 

“As you sail into the great unknown of life, the great adventure, there will be dark clouds on the horizon, and know that sooner or later the winds will die down, and YOU will need to ROW. 

“That…is the hour of the Midgard Warrior. 

“It is then your time to bear the axe of responsibility, and the shield of protection for those who cannot protect themselves. 

“Your forefathers’ battle is over, this is now yours! 

“You are the Warrior! And You FIGHT!”

It’s like, “Yeah, bruh, I know my forefathers’ battle is over. My forefathers are dead. My forefathers’ everything is over.” Y’know?

Check out the video for “You Are the Warrior!” below. Unleashed’s new album, No Sign of Life, comes out this Friday, November 12 on Napalm. Pre-order it here.

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