Dave Mustaine Says These Are His Favorite Megadeth Guitar Solos

  • Axl Rosenberg

Dave Mustaine’s Cameo videos continue to be a surprisingly strong source of information on Megadeth. Having already used that platform to officially confirm the title of ‘Deth’s new record (The Sick, the Dying, and the Dead) and share some samples from that album, Mustaine has now delved into Megadeth’s legacy a bit.

Asked by a fan named Nick which Megadeth guitar solos are his favorite, the Megaman replied:

“It’s kind of hard to say [which one is my favorite], because there’s certain solos that have a great payoff, but we haven’t played ’em live for so long, I’ve forgotten so many of them — two hundred songs and all of the solos and stuff. Out of the songs that we play live that I’m really familiar with, the solos that we play that we like, I like ‘The Threat Is Real.’ I love ‘Holy Wars.’ ‘Wake Up Dead’ is a great solo for me to play too; I really like that. That was one of my first really big solos that got everybody interested in Megadeth. That and ‘[In My] Darkest Hour,’ too.

“I WILL be showing people here at Cameo how to do those solos — piece by piece, little bit at a time, so that it’s not too much for anybody to handle. I don’t really give guitar lessons, so this isn’t a structured kind of format for lessons or anything like that. So I hope if I do this, and I hope if you do it with me that we’ll have fun together. If not, just say it’s somebody from another band.”

You can watch the video itself here.

The Sick, the Dead, and the Dying is due next year.


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